Dr. Parveen S. Vahora, MD, FACOG

Dr. Parveen S. Vahora, MD, FACOG is a board certified, fellowship trained laparoscopic gynecological surgeon, who practices in Trinity, Florida. She specializes in minimally invasive procedures, including advanced laparoscopy & Robotics procedures. She describes herself as a minimalist and offers her patients a variety of innovative medical and surgical options to address their needs. She specializes in the management of pelvic pain as well as pain associated with endometriosis, painful intimacy, and in office procedures. Each treatment plan addresses the individual patient’s needs and customizes the approach for each patient, considering their unique needs. Dr. Vahora is passionate about the non-narcotic management of pain in her patients and administers an effective multimodal approach to address her patients’ comfort. Dr. Vahora is committed to truly minimizing the use of post-surgical opioids in her practice and has successfully implemented the “Enhanced Recovery After Surgery” protocols, or ERAS protocol which calls for less opioids and less pain. 

Her ERAS protocol boasts a multimodal, multidisciplinary approach to care for her surgical patients. In addition to minimizing opioids, this program results in improved quality of care, a shorter length of stay, less adverse events, better patient experience and decreased cost. By using this detailed and personalized approach after surgery, her patients can recover quickly and comfortably. She also specializes in sexual dysfunction and offers the Mona Lisa Touch, a non-hormonal and non surgical treatment for vulvar and vaginal atrophy, dryness and painful intimacy. 

She also actively treats Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder, low libido and hormonal imbalances in her practice. She is passionate about women’s health care and offers all of her clients genetic testing in order to offer precision medicine and personalized care by determining their risk for cancer including breast, ovarian, uterine and even colon. Post pandemic has seen a deluge of mental health conditions across this nation and worldwide. Dr. Vahora has embarked on embracing an innovative approach to the mental health epidemic with evidence based ketamine infusion therapy. She is currently the Medical Director for the New Horizons Wellness, a ketamine infusion clinic. The proprietary Ketamine IV infusions can treat PTSD, depression, addictions, chronic pain and other mental health conditions. Mental Health is an epidemic in this country and she is excited to offer patients options of adding ketamine to their current mental health regime. She is working with a team of mental health specialists and anesthesiologists to provide evidence-based care to patients. New Horizons Wellness will embody her mission of “Inspiring individuals to live their best lives by providing personalized and compassionate care.” 

Dr. Parveen Vahora is a Rotarian with the Rotary Club of Seven Springs and current Chair of International Projects. She helps identify service projects in third world countries, works with the local Rotary Clubs on obtaining a needs assessment and writes the grants. Through the Rotary Foundation, the club has funded a project Jerusalem for interfaith children’s education. She was honored to be part of a humanitarian trip to the refugee camps in Bangladesh to educate and provide healthcare to some of the Rohingya women who were forcibly displaced from Myanmar. Dr. Vahora will continue her Rotary club’s long standing commitment to International projects globally. She is currently seeking opportunities for an International service project with Rotary International. As a national speaker and educator, she educates physicians & healthcare providers on healthcare topics, so they can inspire and treat their own patients to live their best life by providing personalized & compassionate care. 

Dr. Vahora feels that patients should not suffer silently & deserve better healthcare. Some of the topics she focuses on include: Multimodal/Non Narcotic pain management options, minimally invasive surgery, pelvic pain, endometriosis, dyspareunia, genitourinary symptoms of menopause (GSM), vasomotor symptoms of menopause & genetic hereditary cancer and preconception screening & testing and additional healthcare topics. Dr Vahora is excited to share her passion for wellness with fellow physicians, health care providers, the medical industry and to the community. 

“People should not suffer silently & deserve better healthcare.”

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