Our Ketamine Infusions

Every ketamine infusion we offer is enhanced with the New Horizons Wellness Blueprint Formula™. This distinctive blend combines the power of ketamine with carefully selected natural supplements and co-factors, championing a holistic approach. This fusion not only aims for peak ketamine efficacy but also promotes overall body wellness, leading to improved and lasting outcomes for our patients.

Experience The Difference.

At New Horizons Wellness, we’re not just practitioners; we’re advocates for the transformative power of Ketamine IV therapy. We’ve honed in on this method because it consistently delivers both rapid and reliable relief in the most secure fashion. When racemic ketamine, a blend of “R” and “S” mirror-image molecules, is introduced directly into the bloodstream, it’s referred to as intravenous (IV) ketamine—a method greenlit by the FDA as an anesthetic many years ago.

Beyond its historical use, Ketamine IV therapy stands out today. Boasting a 100% bioavailability, its potency, enhanced safety protocols, and patient-centered comfort make it the gold standard. Moreover, this approach has been the focal point in over 80% of published clinical research regarding ketamine’s impact on depression and mood disorders. Experience the difference with us.

Ketamine IV Therapy Results

For many, the aftermath of ketamine treatment is a notable shift away from negative thought spirals and behaviors. They find a renewed sense of vitality, observing spikes in their daily energy and productivity levels. Tasks that once seemed mountainous, especially for those not deep in the grips of severe depression, now appear more manageable. Abilities to multitask and navigate problems are enhanced. With the support of post-treatment plans and a commitment to a wholesome lifestyle and therapeutic practices, several patients have basked in the relief for up to six months.

At New Horizons Wellness, our mission with Ketamine IV Therapy isn’t just to address symptoms but to offer transformative care. We treat a range of conditions from depression and anxiety to PTSD. Beyond just medicine, we believe in the power of optimal nutrition to complement our therapies. Recognizing the uniqueness of each patient, our dedication lies in pinpointing the core of your ailment and crafting a personalized healing journey, aiming to reclaim the vibrancy of your life.

What To Expect

Venturing into the realm of ketamine infusion therapy can seem daunting if you're unfamiliar with the process. Let's demystify your upcoming visit by walking you through what you can anticipate.

Conditions Treated

For those grappling with depression, whether it's you or a loved one, there's a beacon of hope. Consider exploring ketamine as a potential treatment option for this condition.


General Information About Ketamine Therapy And How It Works

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