How Ketamine Therapy Improves Your Mental Health

For individuals suffering from mental health issues such as PTSD, anxiety, and depression—as well as those who are dealing with chronic pain—cautious medication management is critical to maximizing wellness without compromising overall health. Finding the right treatment can be challenging, but there are promising alternative therapies to consider when other conventional options fail. One of these is ketamine infusion treatment, which is becoming more widely known for its positive effects. Here are some of the ways it can improve your mental health: 


The brain’s neuroplasticity refers to the ability of neural networks to change with reorganization and growth. Depressive symptoms worsen when this ability is impaired. Ketamine can increase neuroplasticity by boosting glutamate transmission to help neurons communicate through new pathways. This way, you can develop improved thought and mood patterns. The change happens fast with a well-tailored ketamine therapy in California, enabling healing for a healthier and happier life.

Psychological healing

Ketamine can improve the synaptic connections in the brain by triggering the mTOR (mammalian target of rapamycin) pathway. Signaling that pathway helps heal damaged synapses. During therapy, the healing occurs in the areas of the brain associated with emotional regulation, memory, and learning. Thus, ketamine infusion treatment brings antidepressant effects while encouraging psychological healing. Over time, it helps you become resilient against the symptoms of depression to prevent the condition from resurfacing. 

Mental breakthroughs

Ketamine is a known psychedelic drug producing dissociative effects when recreationally used. It is administered in smaller and controlled doses during ketamine therapy over a fixed period in a clinical setting, making it helpful in changing attitudes and encouraging profound mental breakthroughs. This is especially helpful for mood disorders like depression.

During therapy, dissociation can lead to new realizations and heightened states of awareness. Each person will have a unique experience; for instance, some may delve into self-reflection while others tap into missing emotions that were buried during depression, such as blissfulness or contentment. 

Minimal side effects 

One of the benefits of ketamine infusion treatment is that any side effects tend to be very minimal and short-term. There may be mild dissociative effects during therapy, but many patients find this to be pleasant and relaxing. A physician can provide medication if you experience slight nausea. You might feel exhausted after treatment, so it’s best to take it easy, rest, and avoid going back to work or driving for the rest of the day. 

Any side effects you feel during or after treatment won’t last long, and there are no known complications. Ketamine treatment does not have the same side effects associated with antidepressant medications, such as reduced sex drive, insomnia, dizziness, constipation, and weight gain. Moreover, it won’t lead to other health issues and addiction. 

Rapid improvement 

Standard treatments for depression often include antidepressant medication and psychotherapy, which can take time to produce results. They might not even work in some cases. 

Most patients notice the positive effects and better mood the day after their third infusion, which is usually scheduled one to two weeks into their treatment. Some have reported experiencing subtle improvements earlier than that, even within days of their initial infusion.

Note that you can only experience these benefits by being consistent with your treatment. This means completing the prescribed series of infusions to see significant progress. 

Get lasting relief

New Horizons Wellness offers ketamine treatment in Tampa, FL. that is proven to bring lasting relief to patients who complete their treatment. A full series of infusions can prevent the recurrence of mood disorder symptoms for up to three or four months, but patients prolong their relief by following the doctor’s aftercare plan. 

Contact New Horizons Wellness for a free initial consultation or to set an appointment. We will guide you through your treatment and ensure the best experience to improve your mental health.

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